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  • Classic relief and topographical map showing landscapes of Earth’s land masses in blue and dark green while shading indicates changes in elevation, and directional lines show flow of ocean currents
  • This traditional world map is detailed with city and country names
  • Eco-friendly design that requires no batteries, wires, or cords
  • Using first-of-its-kind technology, rotates continuously while floating inside a cube when exposed to ambient light
  • Non-toxic, clear fluids keeps the globe symmetrical to all sides of the cube, allowing it to float perfectly in the center

Details: The Relief Map MOVA Globe Cube reimagines and revitalizes one of our classic designs with the magnificent patented technology of the MOVA Globes. The unique visual and geographic features that define our planet Earth are given a new dimension of experience with the cube's geometric shape, mesmerizing movement and decorative possibilities, making it one fascinating object of science. The MOVA Globe Cube is a globe that rotates continuously on its own while floating inside a cube. The unique cube employs sophisticated and patented low-friction and optical fluid levitation technologies to achieve its mesmerizing effect in an eco-friendly design that requires no batteries. With its physics-defying movement and striking geometric design, the MOVA Globe Cube is a true technological and decorative innovation and a unique addition to the home and office décor.