The Hybrid collection is inspired by the traditional decorative motifs of the West on one side and the East on the other. Made in Bone China porcelain by the creative duo CTRLZAK, it includes plates, cups and bowls that decorate your table in an unusual, original and colorful way. Characterized by the composition of opposites and motifs with iridescent colors, each creation in the series presents a clear graphic separation into two parts, which symbolically corresponds to two styles and two cultures, East and West, but which actually consolidates their union . The names of each piece are strongly evocative, Hybrid offers an exuberant mix of tradition and modernity! The subtle and original work of the decoration creates an extraordinary and delicate harmony. Unbreakable and timeless, the Hybrid tableware decorates any table: classic, contemporary, chic or sober. The finishes are handmade.